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Enzybiotics Activity of Phage Endolysin for Treatment of Multi-Drugs Resistant Escherichia coli UTI: in vitro and in vivo study

Abstract : Resistant infection with multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli (E. coli) is one of the most common causative agents of bacterial infections and emergence as a multidrug resistant bacterium is a major public health threat worldwide and representing a real problem for health care providers. The use of Bacteriophage lytic enzymes (lysins) are highly evolved molecules that have been specifically developed by phages to quickly and efficiently allow their progeny to be released from the host bacterium

Literature Review: Telemedicine in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Abstract : Telemedicine is a necessity in health services for CKD patients amid technological advances so that health services can reach a wider community and remote places. There are several forms of telemedicine services in CKD patients with inhibiting factors, supporting factors and keys to success in their implementation. The purpose of this study is to determine the form of telemedicine services in CKD patients, find out the factors that are obstacles, supporters and keys to the success of a telemedic

Comparison study of Circulating Adiponectin level in rheumatoid arthritis patients between Etanercept and Rituximab and their correlation with disease activity

Abstract : Adiponectin considered the most abundant adipokine in the body, is a prime example. The development of RA causes the irreversible joint deformity, disability, and a decrease in quality of life. The study aimed to investigate the role of Adiponectin in rheumatoid arthritis patients under biological treatment (ETN, and RTX) and their correlation with Disease activity. During December 2021 and May 2022, case-control research was conducted. The current study included 100 RA patients from Iraq who ha

A Simple demonstration to comprehend the application of Laplace law in human physiology

Abstract : The Laplace law relates the wall tension with the radius of curvature and the pressure in hallow structures. It is expressed as tension T is directly proportional to the product of the radius of the curvature r, and the pressure p, in the hallow structure. The expression is quite straight forward and easy to understand. The difficulty arises when the law is applied to understand the physiological process, as many a times students tend to understand that tension and pressure changes unidirectiona

Significant reduction of serum coenzyme Q10 in pediatric nephrotic patient with steroid resistance in comparison with steroid sensitive and control groups

Abstract : Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome is a causative agent of end-stage kidney disease in children and young people. A genetic factor is responsible for around 30% of children with steroid resistance. In the first decades of the new century, research has revealed a role for CoQ in the regulation of gene expression, mitochondrial activity, and cell signaling. Primary CoQ10 insufficiency may be susceptible to treatment with CoQ10 supplements by omitting the biosynthetic deficiencies. The objective

Analysis Of Sleep Disorder In Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Abstract : Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common cancer in children and adolescents. Chemotherapy for leukemia has many side effects, toxicity, and length of stay that will affect the patient's quality of life. One of the factors that contribute to children's quality of life, including in the case of leukemia, is sleep disorder. The aim of this study is to analyze the risk factors that cause sleep disorder in ALL. This study is an analytic study with a cross-sectional design conducted in ch

Fennel Seeds (Foeniculum Vulgare M.) and Khellah Seeds (Ammi Visnaga L.) Downregulate KIM-1 and NFAT-5 Genes Expression in LPS-Induced Nephrosis

Abstract : Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a significant biomedical issue stimulated by many signaling pathways by lipopolysaccharide (LPS). This study looked at how fennel and khellah seed extracts (FSE&KSE) ameliorate the nephrosis that LPS-induced in experimental rats. Forty healthy adult male Westar albino rats weighing 200±20g, were used. Ten rats were left as control group G1, while other 30 rats were received a single intraperitoneal injection by LPS (12mg/kg b. wt.) and then divided into 3 groups 10

Gerontology training in Bulgaria - from current postgraduate activities to conceptual pregraduate education

Abstract : The paper addresses current demographic situation in Bulgaria with the focus on the increased need for specialized dental care of the elderly patients. The educational activities of the Problem group on gerodontology (PGG) is briefly presented together with the analysis of the needs for pregraduate education in this field. Based on this analysis, the PGG has developed a program for dental students in gerodontology, as part of their specialized training. The program is adapted both to the recomme

Pandalungan Culture Study on Dietary Patterns and Physical Activity related to the risk of Diabetes and or Obesity

Abstract : Diabetes and or obesity have a genetic predisposition, but it is unlikely that genes can change drastically over a short time, thus, the incidence of increased incidence is more related to lifestyle factors than genetic factors. A combination of diet restriction and exercise is effective in preventing the onset and severity of diabetes and or obesity. Pandalungan community is unique because of acculturation from a traditional to a modern lifestyle, therefore, we were interested to investigate di

Uric acid to High density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio as an early screening biomarker for coronary artery disease

Abstract : Coronary artery disease (CAD) is more prevalent among the Indian population with significant morbidity and mortality. Various inflammatory and lipid markers are available for the diagnosis of CAD but with huge cost. Recently uric acid has been found to play a significant role in the progression of CAD. So the present study was done to find the diagnostic ability uric acid to high density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio in the prediction of CAD. This was a case control study done on forty patients