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Abstract : Health policies related to Diabetes Mellitus (DM) control in the community have not been maximized, and the lack of early detection and public awareness to carry out independent care at home has led to an increase in DM cases. Knowing effected the implementation of complementary foot massage therapy in reducing Lost of Protective Sensation (LOPS) in diabetic neuropathy patients. The population in this study were DM patients who visited the Kawatuna Health Center in Palu City with a total sample of 30 people obtained based on a purposive sampling technique. The analysis of this study using The Paired Samples Test. Independent variable complementary foot massage therapy is done by giving foot massage three times a week with a duration of 30 minutes for one month, the dependent variable Lost of Protective Sensation is done by measuring using the monofilament test, and data is analyzed using the Paired Sample Test. Statistically, the results of LOPS based on Paired Samples Correlations showed a value of > 0.948, that the two variables had a very strong correlation. Foot massage intervention was effective (46.7%) in the second week of therapy in reducing LOPS, based on the results monofilament test with a frequency distribution of scores from mild to no neuropathy (56.7%). LOPS in people with Diabetes Mellitus Type II has a higher risk at age >65 years with a duration of suffering from DM >10 years by 10%. Foot massage therapy is an effective alternative to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy and prevent complications, especially LOPS in diabetics with a long history of suffering from 5-10 years and ages 45-65 years.