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Abstract : Wound is the discontuinity of tissue structure at epithelium layer. Wound healing process involves 3 phases, namely inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. Fibroblast cell on proliferation phase play an important role in wound healing process. Fibroblast will achieve its peak on the 7th day and will decrease on the 14th days for collagen synthesis. Binjai leaves (Mangifera caesia) and ramania leaves (Bouea macrophylla Griffith.) contain secondary metabolites, one of them is flavonoid which can help wound healing process and affect the number of fibroblast cells. Objectives this research study is to prove the effect of 15% binjai leaves extract gel and 15% ramania leaves extract gel to the number of fibroblast cells on day 7 and 14 in incisional wound of male rats. A true experimental study with posttest-only control design was conducted. The sample using 18 male rats (body weight 200-250 gram and 2-3 months old) which is divided into 3 groups. Control group was given placebo gel, treatment group was given binjai leaves gel extract 15% and ramania leaves gel extract 15%. The result of two-way Anova showed that there are significant difference based on treatments (p<0.05) and based on days (p<0.05). Furthermore, it showed there was no interaction between treatments and days (p>0,05). Post-hoc Bonferroni test showed that there are significance difference (p<0.05). Binjai leaves gel extract and ramania leaves gel extract have an effect to the number of fibroblast on day 7th and 14th.