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Abstract : Childbirth is the process of expelling the products of conception to the outside world. The type of delivery that can be chosen by the mother is the type of normal delivery, delivery with action and surgery. Currently, many pregnant women choose to have an operative delivery (SC) not because of complications but because of fear and anxiety in a normal delivery, shorter CS delivery and aesthetic reasons. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of application-based education on the k

Database examination, Multivariate analysis, and Machine Learning: Mortality Predictions In COVID-19 Patients From Clinical, Demographic and Laboratory Findings

Abstract : This study aimed to analysis six machine learning algorithms in an multivariate analysis to identify key clinical, demographic and laboratory finding to predict mortality in COVID-19 pandemic. This retrospective study consisted of persons-under-investigation for COVID-19. Dataset taken from public database (, predictive models of mortality were constructed and compared using six supervised machine learning algorithms: KNN, naivebayes, SVM, decision tree, random forest and logistics re

Clinical study to estimate blood calcium level in pregnant women with urolithiasis using different remedies

Abstract : The study aims to know the effect of HP urinary tract inhibitors on the accumulation of calcium oxalate crystals formed, to clarify the mechanism of the formation of urinary tract stones where (98) pregnant women aged between (19 to 42) years with small stones were diagnosed and suffering from abdominal colic, were collected and then underwent treatment for a month. They took three types of therapies that break up the stones. Calcium levels were measured before the treatment and after 30 days. T

Analysis of Preschool Children’s Anxiety in Hospital

Abstract : The most extensively studied of these adverse reactions is anxiety, and significant levels of anxiety affect the physiological and psychological health of children. Excessive anxiety also hinders the success of children in engaging with medical care and raises their reluctant actions and unfavorable feelings toward healthcare specialists. The provision of nursing care is one of a nurse's obligations to pediatric patients undergoing hospitalization focusing on atraumatic care, namely therapeutic


Abstract : Pain in labor for a certain period time will be traumatizing and can hinder daily activities, have an impact on the decline in maternal welfare, lack of bonding between mother and baby. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of mindfulness interventions on labor pain through a systematic review. The method used in this study is a systematic review by searching articles through Pubmed, ProQuest, Science Direct, Wiley Library, Sage Journal, and Cochrane Library databases with publication y

The effect of irisin on thyroid function and some immunological factor in Iraqi women practicing sport

Abstract : Irisin is a new myokine generated in mice and humans by proteolytic cleavage of fibronectin, and it may also be released in tiny amounts by adipose tissue and the liver. Irisin acts as an adipokine and myokine hormone that is released after exercise. The present study aimed to know the effect of irisin values on the levels of white blood cells and their subsets, Thyroid hormones (T3&T4) and Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), immunoglobulin (IgG and IgM). About 100 volunteers are Iraqi women aged

Relation of Urinary Phosphate and carotid intimal medial thickness in chronic kidney disease Patients

Abstract : Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) have an increased risk of cardiovascular events including atherosclerosis-related complications. In uremic patients, increased serum phosphate concentration is a significant risk factor for vascular calcification. a cross-sectional study included 90 CKD adult patients, using B-mode ultrasonography, we examined intima-medial thickness (IMT) of the carotid artery of patients and analyzed risk factors for increased IMT. 24 h urinary phosphate excretion (mg

Qualitative & Quantitative Assessments of Hamelia patens (Aerial Parts) on the Basis of Botanical & Physio-chemical Standards

Abstract : The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed overview of the pharmacology, phytochemistry, and botanical description of Hamelia patens. Hamelia patens Jacq. [Syn. H. erecta Jacq. (Rubiaceae)] is a big evergreen shrub. It was brought to India and planted in gardens as an ornamental plant. It is a perennial bush that may flourish both in the sun and the shade. The extract was made from Hamelia Patens (aerial parts) and through some chemical processing before being put through a physiochemica

The Association Between CoronaVac Vaccine Doses and the Severity of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) at The Secondary Referral Hospital in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Abstract : COVID-19 outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, China and spread rapidly throughout the world. COVID-19 can cause fatal comorbidities, especially ARDS. This observational analytic study analyse the association between the dose of CoronaVac vaccination and the severity of ARDS in the Province of NTB General Hospital with a cross-sectional method involving confirmed COVID-19 patients aged 18-59 years whose blood were analysed in the isolation ICU at the Province of NTB General Hospital in the per

Partially Purified Bacteriocin from Leuconostoc mesenteroides Overcomes Anti- bacterial and Anti-fungal Wall Paints

Abstract : Two kinds of antibacterial and antifungal commercial wall paints were purchased from Baghdad markets. Six isolates of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) were isolated from two locations of ancient house walls. The viable count of microorganisms was conducted before and after using the paints. Five kinds of vegetables (cabbage, cucumber, beet, turnip and cauliflower) were selected randomly and collected from Baghdad markets for isolation of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The antimicrobial activity