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Effect of ZrO2 nanoparticles on liver tissue of infected mice of visceral leishmaniasis

Abstract : Visceral leishmaniasis consider a great health problem in Iraq, the traditional antileishmanial therapies are toxic and most are costly. For this reason, new approaches in the treatment of leishmaniasis are requested, zirconia nanoparticles ZrO2NPs, is a nano-sized and hollow colloidal metal oxide, it was recorded as anticancer agent, the approach was to prepare 17.4 μg/ml of ZrO2NPs by pulsed laser ablation. These nanoparticles are described to confirm the shape, size and other physical proper


Abstract : The study was performed to evaluate the Epidemiological status of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Al-Kifil district /Babylon province during the period 1/9/2017 to 1/3/2018, 106 cases visited the Al-kifil general hospital and some private clinics in this district were studied. The infestation was diagnosed by dermatologist physician, The study was performed to evaluate the Epidemiological status of cutaneous leishmaniasis and evaluation some hematological parameter changes of infected persons wit

Anatomical and Histological changes of anal canal in patients with fistula in ano: A Study in Mosul

Abstract : Anal fistula is a common harmful and irritating anorectal condition. It is a chronic abnormal narrow tunnel communicating between the epithelial surface of the anal canal and the perianal skin. This study aimed to determine the anatomical and histological findings of the resected fistulous tract following fistulectomy in Mosul city. Fifty fistulectomy specimens following fistulectomy operation were collected from the Department of General Surgery in Al-Salaam Teaching Hospital. The work was cond


Abstract : One of the products of telecommunication technology development is the smartphone. Smartphone using during the Covid-19 pandemic was increased not only in adult users but also in school-age users. Higher user's smartphone in school-age children at risk of causing the addiction. Smartphone addiction does not only cause physical problems but also social, behavioral, and affective aspects. Smartphone addiction can cause depression, neuroticism, and obsessive-compulsive behavior disorders and affect

Adsorption of Hormones FSH and LH on the Chitosan-Graphene Oxide -Molybdenum Oxide Nanocomposites

Abstract : Molybdenum oxides nanomaterials are gaining mounting popularity with potential applications in various fields due to their unique physicochemical properties. Making a nanocomposite is amended the properties of the original nanoparticles (NPs). In the present study, molybdenum dioxide/Graphene oxide /Chitosan nanocomposites (CS/GO-MoO2-NPs) were prepared using a chemical method and used for the extraction of precious proteins from human serum. CS/GO-MoO2-NPs were used as a surface to extract foll

Separation of Follicular - Stimulating Hormone from Serum by Chitosan-Graphene Oxide-Selenium Oxide Nanocomposites

Abstract : Selenium oxide nanoparticles (SeO2-NPs) have gotten much attention because of their favourable in addition to unique bioactivities. The use of nanocomposites for the extraction of precious proteins is an important field of study. The present work has introduced a new technique for synthesizing selenium oxide nanoparticles (SeO2-NPs) coated with chitosan and graphene oxide nanocomposites (CS/GO-SeO2-NPs). CS/GO-SeO2-NPs were used as a surface to extract follicular-stimulating hormone (FSH) from t

Determination the antimicrobial activity of Subtilosin A enhance by sonication on the pathogenic bacteria

Abstract : Bacillus spp. has a diverse set of properties that allow them to thrive in a variety of natural settings. Ultrasound illustrated a significant effect on the viability of bacterial form wounds swabs. One hundred soil samples were collected from Baghdad in order to isolate B. subtitles. Also, forty clinical samples were collected from wounds swabs collected from different hospitals in Baghdad, Bacterial isolates were identified used standard techniques and diagnosed using VITEK® 2 system. Ammoni

Posttraumatic stress reactions among school children in Iraq

Abstract : Children 6 years old and older exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence are directly experiencing the traumatic event reflects a posttraumatic stress. There are behavioral & emotional effects of trauma on the students’ life & on their school performance. These effects have a long lasting when they occur before adulthood, and early recognition and treatment are vital. A 300 students of both sexes in intermediate class from two schools were studied. The Students

Aerobic bacteriological profile and their antibiotic sensitivity pattern of burn wounds from burns patients at a tertiary care hospital in North Karnataka.

Abstract : Infection in burn wounds is a major issue globally and more so in developing countries leading to post-operative illness, infection of burn wounds is one of the most common cause of mortality in burn patients and accounts for significant number of nosocomial infections. The bacteriological profile can change over a time period in the individual patient. Thus, there is a need for periodic surveillance of anti-biogram of bacteria, hence the present study was conducted. This was a retrospective stu


Abstract : Increasing the number of smartphone users in school-aged children improve the risk of addiction. Children with low self-efficacy tend to use a smartphone as a coping mechanism to create a safe feeling when confronted with an uncomfortable situation or pressure. This study aims to examine the impact of health education and therapeutic group therapy on smartphone addiction and self-efficacy and to investigate the relationship between self-efficacy and smartphone addiction in school-aged children.