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Abstract : Stunting is a growth disorder indicator of nutritional deficiency over a long time. Low intake of protein, calcium, and zinc are identified by calcium and zinc in hair. Calcium and zinc minerals have an essential role in growth and development during the first 1000 days of life. One factor that affects stunting is the low intake of bone-forming nutrients such as calcium and zinc consumed, causing the calcium content in the blood to decrease and children's hair growth. Calcium and zinc minerals have an essential role in human growth. This study aims to determine the effect of red bean cookies on blood serum calcium and zinc levels in toddler’s hair (13-36 months) who experienced stunting in the work area of Pantai Labu Community Health Center. This study was a Quasi Experiment with pre- and post- test design. The population were stunted toddlers in 13 - 36 months, divided in two groups, with control and treatment of 26 persons in each group. The administration administration of cookies with and without red beans is provided every day, as many as five pieces (20 gr/piece) weighing 100 gr for 12 weeks. There were differences in the administration of cookies in the control and treatment group by independent t-test method of blood serum calcium with p=0.027. While for biomarkers, hair zinc level was p=0.001. Cookies with the addition of red beans are able to increase blood serum calcium and hair zinc levels in stunted toddlers.