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Anemia Positively Predicts Low Cognitive Function of Adolescents in Boarding School at Gowa Regency

Abstract : One of the adverse effects of nutritional deficiency in adolescent girls was cognitive function disorders which tend to decrease their learning process. Therefore, this study analyzed the relationship between anemia, nutrition, socioeconomic status, and cognitive abilities in boarding school adolescent girls. This was a cross-sectional study with the purposive sampling method used to collect data from 110 girls aged 15-18 years from February to March 2022. The inclusion criteria were the respond

Erythropoietin Nanoparticle Stability Comparation in Hydrochloric Acid and Phosphate Buffer Saline

Abstract : The erythropoietin nanoparticle system is formed from the interaction of the positive charge of chitosan and the negative charge of pectin under acidic conditions, so the stability of the nanoparticle system in hydrochloric acid and phosphate buffer Salin (PBS) is critical parameter in the choice of permeation medium. This study aimed to compare the stability of the erythropoietin nanoparticle system in HCl pH 1.2 and PBS pH 7.4. This research is an experimental laboratory study that analyzes in

Assessment of some serum tumor and physiological markers in Beta-Thalassemia major patients in Baghdad province

Abstract : Thalassemia major is caused by a mutation in the beta globin gene that impair the production of beta globin chain. There is increased survival of patients with beta thalassemia major due to effective chelating treatment also safe blood transfusion system. This leads to increase to have hepatocellular possibility. In this study 47 patients with beta thalassemia major were randomly selected and Hemoglobin (Hb), White blood cell (WBC), platelets, ferritin level and tumor markers alpha-fetoprotein (

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges of Intra-abdominal Desmoid-Type Fibromatosis Mimicking Abscess: A Case Report

Abstract : Desmoid tumor is a rare disease that originates from the proliferation of fibrous tissue. Intra-abdominal desmoid tumors are sporadic or associated with specific familial syndromes, such as Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Syndrome (FAP). These tumors are often challenging to diagnose, and active surveillance is also essential given the high recurrence rate despite adequate treatment. We present the case of an 18-year-old female with a recurrent intra-abdominal desmoid fibromatosis tumor despite s

Evaluation of awareness, attitude and practice of mental health conditions in sample of Iraqi students in Najaf city

Abstract : Emotional, psychological, and social health all contribute to overall mental health. What we think, feel, and do are all impacted by this. As a result, it plays a role in influencing our stress resilience, social connections, and dietary preferences. Maintaining one's capacity for happiness via care for one's mental health is important. This research aims to examine the relationship between a student's socioeconomic background and his or her knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about mental healt


Abstract : The research included a study of the activity of serum β-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase (BHBDH) and some biochemical parameters for 147 heart patients (68 myocardial infarction and 79 angina pectoris). The results showed that the group of heart patients who received serum-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase increased their activity significantly (224.12 ± 0.82 U/L) compared to the control group (136.73 ± 0.95 U/L). The activity for serum β-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase activity for the heart patien

Study of serum magnesium, potassium and calcium in acute myocardial infarction patients

Abstract : A myocardial infarction happens when blood flow stops or decreases to the coronary arteries of the myocardial muscle, resulting in damage to the heart muscle. Magnesium is important electrolyte plays vital role in suppressing arrhythmias during myocardial ischemia and during reperfusion. Potassium is the most abundant cation of intracellular fluid. A significant correlation between hypokalemia and ventricular fibrillation is recorded. Calcium plays a vital role in myocardial muscle contraction.

Strengthening Hospital Classification Regulations on Service Quality and Patient Safety That Are Equitable in Realizing

Abstract : Maximum service quality and patient safety in hospitals have become global issues today. The government through the Ministry of Health is responsible for public health, where this is in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution article 28 H, it is stated that everyone has the right to health services, gets facilities and special treatment to get the same opportunities and benefits, is entitled to health services. social security that allows his full self-development as a dignified hum

Correlation of Population Density, Houseold Density and Larvae-Free Index With Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Incidence Rate

Abstract : Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is still a health problem in Indonesia, Palembang City, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia is one of the DHF endemic cities in Indonesia is a densely populated city and environmental conditions support vector development. Mosquito Aedes aegypti is the primary vector in the transmission of DHF. This study aims to analyze the relationship between population, population density, occupancy density and free larvae index on cases of fever and incidence of bleeding in Palembang

Role Of MRI In Evaluation Of Knee Pain- A Study Protocol

Abstract : Musculoskeletal diseases, which affect men and women equally, are regarded as a common underlying cause of physical impairment in society. The knee, being one of the most complex synovial joints, is vulnerable to a great deal of stress from everyday activities. When radiographs are negative or inconclusive and a patient has acute non-traumatic knee pain. MR imaging is the preferred option for further testing. The most common diseases that impact the subchondral knee joint, together with their li