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Analysis Hospitals of Inpatient Utilization for National Health Insurance (JKN) Patients in Indonesia

Abstract : Utilization of service health is increasing. The existence of health facilities affects the utilization of service health. Inequality in the distribution of health facilities causes a buildup of patients in certain health facilities. This study aimed to analyze the disparities and determinants associated with hospital inpatient utilization in Indonesia. This study analyzed secondary data from the 2016-2019 BPJS Health database. Univariate analysis to identify the distribution of hospitals in Ind

The Influence of Bundo Kanduang Empowerment on Level of Knowledge and Motivation of Women of Reproductive Age (WRA) in Midwife Care Continuity of Care (CoC)

Abstract : Bundo Kanduang will related interventions midwifery care with the continuity of care (CoC) then will provide promotive and persuasive information to women of reproductive age. In addition, the formation of regulations in the health sector, especially continuity of care midwifery services based on local wisdom in West Sumatra, pioneered by Bundo Kanduang. In this research, we aimed to study the effect of Bundo Kanduang Empowerment on the Level of Knowledge and Motivation of Women of Reproductive

RES-CMCS Modulates SMAD-2/SMAD-3/TGF-β/TGFβR signalling Pathway in DMH-induced colon carcinoma

Abstract : The bio-functional molecule RES is present in grapes and mulberries. The current study aims to green synthesis of RES-CMCS nanoemulsion with low viscosity chitosan to test its protection of colon against carcinoma. The RES-CMCS produced was characterized using Zeta potential, particle size, morphology, and entrapment efficacy measurements. It was also examined for its colon protective activity against DMH induced colon carcinoma in mice model. The RES-CMCS had spherical shape with a mean particl

Could Dexmedetomidine be the Game Changer? Investigating its Viability as an Alternative to Adrenaline in Local Anesthesia: A Randomized Controlled Split-Mouth Clinical Trial.

Abstract : The aims of this study are to highlight the risks associated with using topical drugs containing vasoconstrictors, especially in high-risk patients, and to find an alternative to adrenaline for local anesthesia in this experimental research. This randomized split-mouth controlled clinical study involved 80 patients undergoing orthodontic dental treatment, with 160 upper premolar extractions performed in a symmetrical manner. The average age of the patients was 19.75 years. Each patient's sample

Short-term effectiveness of modified removable mandibular retractor appliance for treatment of class III malocclusion: A Clinical Randomized Controlled Trial

Abstract : This study aimed to investigate short-term outcomes of hard- and soft tissue changes induced by modified removable mandibular retractor appliance in Class III patients and compare them to those of conventional removable mandibular retractor appliance. The sample included 40 patients, their ages ranged between 7-9 years, who were randomly divided into two groups: Group1: Twenty patients treated with a modified mandibular removable retractor device(M-RMR). Group 2: Twenty patients treated with a c

Lemuru Fish Nuggets with Durian Seed Flour (NUGILEMPUDU) to Overcome Stunting on 10-11 years Children

Abstract : Stunting, especially on school children, has an impact on intellectual quality which can be measured through learning achievement. The condition of stunting describes the quality of nutrition in the past due to deficiency of nutritional intake needed during linear growth, especially protein, zinc, magnesium, calcium and serum feriitin. In addition, it is also caused by environmental factors, one of which is poor sanitation that causes diseases related to digestion, causing the process of absorbi

Awareness and Perception About the Specialty of Family Medicine Among Saudi Arabia.

Abstract : In recent days, the family medicine specialty growing as a potential branch to meet the needs of the community as a basic-level or first-level contact physician. From this perspective, need for a lot of awareness among the general population to utilize quality family medicine services in a better way. The main objective of our study was to find the general population’s awareness of family medicine specialty and demographic factors associated with satisfaction. A cross-sectional study was condu

Behavioral response and attitude of the public about preventive measures against COVID-19 pandemic in Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia

Abstract : To prevent morbidity and mortality associated with Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) the governments took strict actions to control the spread of disease. This study aimed to assess the attitude and behavioral responses people in Qassim region to the preventive measures taken by the Saudi Government. This is an online cross-sectional survey that was conducted in the Qassim region among adult population. A structured questionnaire in Arabic would be used to collect the data. Data was analyzed

Free Fasciocutaneous Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Soft Tissue Reconstruction in A Patient with Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma: The ideal flap

Abstract : The most frequent location for oral cavity cancer is the tongue, where squamous cell carcinoma is the predominant cancer form. It is known that squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue demands a great challenge, particularly in proper treatment planning. Ablative surgery followed by free flap reconstruction is now considered the gold standard treatment for squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. The free anterolateral thigh flap has now gained more popularity among reconstructive surgeons for tongue

Evaluation of the effect of ozone application and low-level laser therapy on the early success of dental implants in patients with type 2 diabetes

Abstract : Diabetes mellitus is considered a risk factor for the success of dental implants, so this study aims to evaluate the effect of ozone and soft laser on the success of dental implants in these patients. The study sample consisted of 18 patients (11 males, 7 females) who attended the Department of Oral Medicine at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Damascus, and who had type 2 diabetes, dental implants were performed in these patients, and the sample was divided into two groups of 16 implants.