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Traditional and Resin Cements' Water Sorption and Solubility in Two Types of Media: In Vitro Study

Abstract : The aim of this study is to investigate the sorption and solubility of two groups of cement: traditional and dual cure resin cements. These two variables were examined in this study for eight types of dental cements (five traditional and three dual cure resin cement), which were evaluated for two periods of immersion: one day and seven days in two distinct solutions; distilled water and lactic acid. Ten specimens were prepared of each material following the manufacturer's instructions. Sorption

Impacted mandibular third molar: The value of considering clinical and demographic factors in improving the prediction of extraction difficulty

Abstract : The Preoperative assessment of extraction difficulty of mandibular third molar is very important for both patients and clinicians. In the last years, many new difficulty-estimating indices had been proposed, evaluating radiographical parameters alone (Kim et al. index, and Lainez et al. index) or considering additional clinical and demographic factors (Zhang et al. index and Pernambuco index). This study aimed to evaluate the effect of considering non-radiographical factors in the prediction of


Abstract : Dayak onion or eleutherine bulbosa that grows in Kalimantan, Indonesia has promising potential for reproductive health. Contains several compounds such as naphthalene, anthraquinone, and naphtoquinone which have high antibacterial and antifungal effects, chloroform fraction which has strong anticancer activity, the ability of tuber extract to control fat and cholesterol levels, and has the potential to improve reproductive health in women. health and beauty. Dayak onions can be consumed directly

Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Among Methamphetamine Users in Semarang Prison, Indonesia

Abstract : The study aims to assess the effectiveness of Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCBT) treatment on methamphetamine users on the severity of dependency on methamphetamines and to determine the intensity of desire for methamphetamines in a sample of Semarang prison inmates of Indonesia. This study applied a quantitative research method with a quasi-experimental design. The experimental group received BCBT treatment for 4 sessions, while the control group received health education for 4 sessions.

Umbilical Cord-Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (UC-MSCs) Therapy in COVID-19 Patients with Severe Inflammatory Immune Response: A Case Report

Abstract : A 71-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital on 7 July 2020 diagnosed with critically ill COVID-19 disease on a ventilator. The symptoms started three days before; fever, fatigue, and shortness of breath. She had a history of hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Blood test showed signs of severe inflammatory immune response and critical of clinical course. An intervention of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal stem cells (UC-MSCs) therapy was planned as an add-on therapy. Evaluation was conducted by c

Psychometric Tests of the Indonesian Version of Self-Efficacy of Sleep Hygiene Inventory-Revised

Abstract : This study examined the content and construct validity, internal consistency reliability, and test-retest of the Indonesian version of the Self-Efficacy of Sleep Hygiene Inventory-Revised (SESHI-R) instrument. This quantitative study was conducted with psychometric tests using a cross-sectional design. The cultural translation and adaptation were conducted through the stages of forward translation, synthesis, backward translation, expert review, pilot testing, and validity and reliability tests.

Clinical Simulation for Psychiatric Nursing Students: A Systematic Review

Abstract : Clinical simulation is increasingly used in the education and training of healthcare professionals. Such professionals include physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and paramedics. Nurse educators must employ evidence-based practices to ensure high-quality clinical training for nursing students. The purpose of the current review attempted to compile the available research evidence on using and effectiveness of simulation for nursing students. The relevant literature was extracted by search

Classical and Modified Ketogenic Diet Ameliorates Biochemical, Metabolic and Genetic Alterations Associated Metabolic Syndrome

Abstract : The present study aimed to evaluate the metabolic, biochemical and genetic alteration associated with the consumption of classical (CKD) and modified ketogenic (MKD) diet in metabolic syndrome rats. Sixty healthy adult male albino rats divided into six groups 10 rats each as follow: Group (1): Healthy rats fed on a standard balanced diet for 6 weeks. Group (2): Healthy rats fed on a classic ketogenic diet for 6 weeks. Group (3): Healthy rats fed on Modified ketogenic diet for 6 weeks. Group (4)

Decellularized Bovine Pericardium for Post-Pericardiotomy Adhesion Prevention: a Literature Review

Abstract : Post-operative pericardial adhesion remains a serious cardiac surgery complication leading to higher morbidity and mortality. Fibrous adhesions can destroy tissue planes and disturb the adjacent vasculature structure, prolonged of surgical time, and increased medical costs. While animal-based models are essential for studying the prevention of post-operative pericardial adhesions, several yet limited animal model and clinical human intervention to evaluate the role of bovine pericardium (BP), es

Factors Affecting Vitamin D Levels In Sepsis And Septic Shock

Abstract : Sepsis is a major health problem with an increasing number of incidences. Infection will trigger a more complex, varied, and prolonged host response, where pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mechanisms contribute to clearance of infection and tissue recovery, but may also lead to organ dysfunction and secondary infection. Various recent studies have shown the relationship between vitamin D and sepsis. Vitamin D acts as a stimulator of antimicrobial peptide production and prevents excessive i