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The risk of developing Low Back Pain among normal Body Mass Index and overweight pregnant women

Abstract : The purpose of this study is to explore the risk of developing low back pain among normal body mass index and overweight pregnant women. This study's respondents consisted of 74 pregnant women in Leuwiliang Sub District in Indonesia. Lower back pain was examined using the Oswestry Disability Index for Low Back Pain questionnaire. This parameter has also high testability and takes about 5 minutes for the patient to complete. The questions given by the interviewer consisted of 10 items asking the

Factor That Influence The Successful of Extubation

Abstract : Mechanical ventilation (MV) uses in neonates primarily aim to assist or replace spontaneous breathing completely, but prolonged use of MV has been associated with various injuries and increased mortality rates. Therefore, extubation must be planned as early as possible, but due to the lack of standardized guidelines, the decision on when to extubate is difficult to determine. The aim of this study is to find the factor that becomes a predictor of the successfulness of extubation among neonates.

Risk Factors of Musculoskeletal Disorders among Higher Students in West Java Indonesia: a Cross Sectional Study

Abstract : Musculoskeletal disorders are still experienced in various activities that involve the use of electronic devices, especially in school students. If not controlled properly, it can reduce student achievement. This study aims to determine the factors associated with musculoskeletal Disorders in offline and online learning activities. The research population is all students who take lectures both online and offline. A cross sectional survey was executed among 175 students who were willing to be inv

Implementation of Family Psychoeducation on Foot Care Ability in Diabetic Neuropathy Patients in Palu City, Indonesia

Abstract : Effectiveness of family psychoeducational therapy on increasing family abilities in foot care in diabetic neuropathy patients in the Palu City area. The design used in this study used the Pre-Experimental One Group Pretest-Postest design. The population in this study were DM patients who visited the Kawatuna Health Center in Palu City from June to September 2021, with a total sample of 30 people obtained based on a purposive sampling technique. The analysis of this study using The Paired Samples

Ankle and Foot Pain, Ultrasound versus MRI

Abstract : Ankle and foot pain can be a challenging clinical diagnosis, notably in patients with vague and chronic pain. Thus, imaging modalities are used. Currently, magnetic resonance is the most reliable method for physicians. However, ultrasound is now widely thought to help evaluate tendon, muscle, bursa, and other soft tissue abnormalities. Particularly early and small inflammatory and structural changes. Therefore, this paper seeks to assess the agreement between ultrasound and MRI in evaluating dif

Risk Factors for Syphilis in RSUP Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo and at the Women's Social Service Center (WSSC) Mattirodeceng Social Service, South Sulawesi Province

Abstract : Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is a global problem. According to WHO, syphilis is still high, reaching 5.6 million cases of syphilis worldwide in adolescents and adults (age 15-49 years). WHO estimates that every year there are approximately 350 million new sufferers of STIs in developing countries, including Indonesia; the prevalence of syphilis occupies the second place of all types of STIs, namely syphilis by (21.7%). This study aims to look at the magnitude of job ri

The Effect of Knowledge and Actions of the Jumantik 1 House 1 Movement on the Density of Aedes Aegypti Larvae in the Working Area of Pasarwajo Health Center, Buton Regency

Abstract : The implementation of Jumantik 1 House 1 Movement (G1R1J) is one of the DHF transmission prevention programs that involves the active role of the community, especially family members, to eradicate mosquito nests both inside and outside the home. The purpose of this study was to see the effect of G1R1J's knowledge and actions on larval density before and after the intervention. The research design was quasi-experimental with Non-Randomized One Group Pretest-Posttest with Control, namely the exper


Abstract : This study was aimed to determine association between UGT1A1 polymorphism and hyperbilirubinemia among neonates. We conduct searching from PubMed, ProQuest, ScienceDirect, WileyOnline, and Cochrane while applying selection criteria. There were four eligible studies which were good after appraisal using Newcastle-Ottawa scale. Qualitative analysis found there was more UGT1A1 c.3279T>G polymorphism alongside with less expression of UGT1A1 c.189C>T polymorphism in hyperbilirubinemia group. Polymorp


Abstract : Preceptorship is a learning method that involves more experience in conveying knowledge to someone who is less experienced. In this article, the authors conduct a systematic review of relevant data using the keywords “preceptorship,” “clinical educator,” and experience.” Data based on SCOPUS, Science Direct, Proquest, Pubmed, and Google Scholar. The criteria consist of a full text published in a five-year limit journal (2016-2021) and using articles in English. As a result, 2517 articl


Abstract : Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious and contagious disease [9]. This disease can be suffered by anyone, but is most often found at a young age or productive age, namely 15-50 years, especially those who are weak, malnourished, or who live in the same house and are jostled with people with pulmonary TB [11]. Family support as the presence of comfort, attention, appreciation or helping people with an attitude of acceptance, family support is obtained from individuals or groups. Family members with