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Abstract : The purpose of this study was to collect information about the perceptions and knowledge of nurses regarding the use of health technology in Health Institutions in the Municipality of Shkodra. Cross-sectional methods were used, following a quantitative approach. The study assessed the following components: nurses' perceptions and willingness about information technology, and how these nurses were prepared to use information technology as a good opportunity to improve health care. The persons who participated in this study were nurses of the Shkodra Regional Hospital and the health centers of the Municipality of Shkodra. A focus group was used for this purpose. The study included 63% nurses in regional hospitals and 37% nurses in health centers. All data were obtained during the period February - March 2022. The demographic of the nurses' findings showed that there was a high proportion of female users 63.9% and that the majority of the participants were between 22 and 40 years of age 61.4%. Furthermore, 63.9% of the survey respondents were female. Overall, the seniority characteristics of nurses resulted in a majority of the participants 27.6% having 1 to 5 years of job experience, Meantime the composite reliability and Cronbach α were all greater than 0.7, indicating “acceptable” and “good” convergence validity and internal consistency overall. Additionally, the majority of the nursing staff have a positive opinion of the use of technology, but technology applications are low among them. In general, the outcomes of the nurses in this study indicate an overall positive attitude toward technology. Most of them accept the use of technology during their work regardless of age, gender, or years of nursing experience. However, participants' findings of formal education in the use of technology applications are low. This shortcoming should be addressed through the enhancement of the nursing curriculum and training over time. The need for nurses to be well prepared for the use and application of information technology in nursing and future new technologies should be paramount.