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Abstract : The aim of the current study is to investigate the infection with Toxoplasma parasite for aborted women in Al-Diwaniyah city and to investigate the genetic diversity of the parasite and the percentages of the genetic type. The results were shown after collecting and examining 100 placenta samples, were collected from aborted women at an early stage of pregnancy, and upon initial diagnosis by the Impression method, the results showed 40 and the infection rate is 40% positive samples and 60 negative samples. When using the genetic method for the examination, the study showed that the number of positive samples is only 34, which means that the infection rate varied to constitute 34%. When using the RFLP method, which relied on the GRA6 gene and Msel Restriction enzyme, The results were shown that the number of positive cases was 19 for the typeI with 55.88% the highest type, 13 for the type II (38.23%), and 2 for the type III the percentage (5.88) it was the lowest rate. Thus, the most prevalent and most virulent type to cause abortion in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate is the type I of Toxoplasma.