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Abstract : This study aimed to compare conventional Nanofats and unfiltered Nanofats in terms of their ability to heal Acne scars. The study sample consisted of 16 patients divided into two groups: Group 1 (Experminteal, n=8) Unfiltered Nanofats graft for treatment of acne scars, and Group 2 (Control, n=8) Conventional Nanofats graft for treatment of acne scars. Post-treatment clinical follow-ups were conducted one and three months after injection using the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS). All patients completed the clinical study according to the two follow-up time points. The study revealed no significant differences between conventional and unfiltered Nanofats grafts in treating atrophic acne scars. Among the limitations of this study, it was found that unfiltered Nanofats lead to a noticeable improvement in atrophic Acne scars in terms of appearance and scar thickness. This improvement is comparable to the improvement observed when using conventional Nanofats in treating these scars.