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Abstract : The aim of this study is to investigate the sorption and solubility of two groups of cement: traditional and dual cure resin cements. These two variables were examined in this study for eight types of dental cements (five traditional and three dual cure resin cement), which were evaluated for two periods of immersion: one day and seven days in two distinct solutions; distilled water and lactic acid. Ten specimens were prepared of each material following the manufacturer's instructions. Sorption and solubility were calculated by weighing the specimens before and after immersion and desiccation. A total of 200 samples of dental cements were prepared, with 20 specimens for each cement: ten for distilled water and ten for lactic acid. The samples were weighed for sorption before and after being placed in medium, after 1 day and seven days. The samples removed from media were dried in a desiccator, and weighed again. Each period's percentage of solubility was determined as a percentage of weight decrease, divided by the specimen's original weight. Results for sorption and solubility showed highly significant differences (at P<0.000) in both sorption and solubility along all of the studied periods, with both lactic acid or distilled water, in different types of cements.