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Abstract : Glandula thyreoidea (Thyroid gland), incidentalomas in the community are common, mostly in females and old peoples. In most instances the finding of nodularity is accidental and insignificant because only part of them is of abnormal outgrowth. In spite of negligible chance of abnormality, it is important to isolate and discriminate this probability. The purpose of this study is to discover the presence of nodularity in a randomized sample of causalities referred to the Medico-Legal Directorate at Baghdad, associated with many features in the community such as age, gender, race. etc, and the samples were examined by gross and microscopic analyses respectively. Specimens were gathered from 50 necropsies in the Medico-Legal Directorate at Baghdad. The specimens were underwent routine histopathological approach. The study declared that 50% of the samples with nodularity findings were dormant in the patients' lives without diagnosis, with predominance in the women 14 (66.66%) with average age 65 years compared with men 11 (37.93%) and average age 60 years. Three (12%) of the samples showed carcinomatous features.