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Abstract : Inguinal hernia is a common problem in our community, and its recurrence after surgery is also common, and may be disabling for the patient. Many surgical techniques are used worldwide for inguinal hernia repair (hernioplasty or herniorrhaphy), but recurrences still a significant problem following these operations. The use of prosthetic meshes (hernioplasty) is added to these techniques increasingly to prevent recurrences. Their uses have been associated with many post-operative advantages, such as low recurrence rate, less postoperative pain, and rapid return to the usual work activities. To show results of using Prolene mesh in inguinal hernia repair in adult patients, with further strengthening of the anterior wall of inguinal canal by suturing external oblique apponeurosis over the mesh, aiming to reduce recurrence rate and rapid return to daily physical activities. Prospective study. Azadi Teaching Hospital and Private Clinics in Kirkuk City. Through the period from February 2013 to December 2015, 58 patients (56 males and 2 females) with an average age of 57.36  12.33 years (range: 22 – 78) were treated with Prolene Mesh Hernioplasty procedure for, primary or recurrent unilateral or bilateral inguinal hernia, in Azadi Teaching Hospital and Private Day Care clinics in Kirkuk City. The average operative time was 32 minutes (25-50 minutes). General anaesthesia was used in 28 (43.75%) patients, while spinal anaesthesia in 36 (56.25%). A main post-operative complication was acute wound infection which occurred in 2 (3.4%) patients and they were treated conservatively. Average hospitalization period was 6 (4-12) hours. Most patients returned to work after about 10 days. Our recurrence rate was zero. Prolene mesh-hernioplasty is a safe and effective method in the treatment of inguinal hernias, further guarantee is added by suturing the external oblique apponeurosis over the mesh. Early work resume and no recurrence of the hernia makes this method our choice in the treatment of inguinal hernias.