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Abstract : Labour pain often cause anxiety among pregnant women. Despite the presence of various intrapartum analgesics methods, their side effects may affect the women’s overall birth experience. Access to certain intrapartum analgesics is also limited in certain low-resource hospitals. Therefore, it is crucial to explore other alternatives for pain relief in labour. Shiatsu massage has a great potential as an intrapartum analgesia based on the evidence that has been published for other medical condition. This study aims to determine the safety and efficacy of Shiatsu massage in reducing pain and anxiety during labour. This is a concurrent mixed-method study design. The first phase is a quasi-experimental study (quantitative) and the second phase is the qualitative study. It involves four randomly selected low-risk maternity clinic in Samarinda, Indonesia. A total of 80 healthy nulliparous pregnant women at term with singleton pregnancy in latent phase of labour will be recruited. The participant will be randomized into either intervention (receiving Shiatsu massage) or control group using simple random sampling. This study had been registered in the Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (Registry ID: IRCT20220317054316N1). The potential evidence on safety and efficacy of Shiatsu massage as intrapartum analgesia may support its use as an additional non-pharmacological intervention to safely reduce pain and anxiety during labour.