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Abstract : Cancer is presently being perceived as a long-term condition due to propels in medicines that increment the survival rate of patients with cancer to as long as ten a long time from the time of the illness. In Jordan, cancer is the moment driving cause of passing after related heart maladies. Uneasiness is among the commonly found psychiatric sickness in patients with cancer and is frequently dismissed. Around 10% of patients with cancer are influenced by uneasiness around the world. Workplace support system is developed to facilitate and support the patients. It also facilitates the adjustment for the diagnosis and disease treatment. The workplace will never be free without associative anxiety. Work-related factors are the perception of employer for the accommodation of employer for cancer treatment or any other disease, for instance, flexible arrangement of working, job replacement, and meeting with the employer when return to work. Subsequently, this study was pointed to define the relationship between workplace support system (WSS), work-related issues (WRI), and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and its related factors among workers with cancer within the Jordanian community. The study was conducted at King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) in Amman, Jordan by using a cross-sectional method. To obtain the sample population of 354 Jordanian workers with cancer were used a proportional sampling technique. Data was collected through a self-administered survey and the analyses were carried out using AMOS and SPSS version 25. Where we gained from the participants a response rate of 100%. The relationship between WSS, WRI, and GAD among workers with cancer was the WSS is negative and significantly associated with GAD while the WRI is positive and significantly associated with GAD. There is a high relationship between the WSS, WRI, and GAD among workers with cancer in Jordan. Where the WSS decreases the GAD will increase. As well as the GAD will increase and the WRI will increase.