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Abstract : The number of elderly people in Indonesia has increased significantly in recent years, and their postural balance influences the frequency of falls. Lack of vitamin D is connected with dropped function muscle and postural balance. Therefore, this study aims to obtain the connection between the level of vitamin D with postural balance in the elderly. This is a cross-sectional study involving 33 subjects within the age limit of 64.94±5.42 year, and conducted in Semarang on period September – November 2021. The sample study is individual elderly who fulfill the criteria for inclusion in Integrated Healthcare Center Carry on Age Semarang. Postural balance, along with Sharpened Romberg and tandem gait tests, were performed on the subjects. Measurement of vitamin D level was taken from blood veins patient and measured using ELISA. Test results analytic independent sample t-test obtained mark p of 0.000 (p <0.05), meaning there is a significant connection between vitamin D level and postural balance on elderly. There is a connection between the level of vitamin D and postural balance in elderly.