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Abstract : Vaccine failure VF is a type of vaccine adverse effects VAE encountered in human mass vaccination programs all over the world. VF originated either from an inborn vaccine defects or due to defects in immune responsiveness of human vaccinee and is expressed as breakthrough infections including covid-19. The VF determination criteria were; I – reported by the en-charge interviewing physician in vaccination unit as normal subject before vaccination, ii – enrolled in fixed two doses vaccination schedule iii – vaccinee subject should be lived away from excessive virus exposure areas and iv – The onset of the infection 5-42 days or more after vaccination. Covid-19 pandemic is still circulating, emergency approval of covid-19 vaccine versions are in use a year after the start of the pandemic all over the world. Covid-19 vaccine failure though it is rare but is being reportable all over the globe. The objective of the present work was to report on covid -19 vaccine failure in Babylon province –Iraq. Mild, moderate, severe and critical infection forms of the pulmonary patho-type of covid-19 were reported in an observable ratio of 0.017 per thousand vaccinee. Severe and critical forms were associated with co-morbidity and/or ageing. The reported breakthrough found in Pfizer, Astrazinica and synopharm vaccine makes.