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Abstract : The severity of infection with Covid-19 ranging from asymptomatic infection to a serious infection that requires mechanical ventilation. This discrepancy underscores the need for new biomarkers related to the course and progression of the disease. Our aim in our article was to evaluate the effect of serum uric acid, which is an easily available, low-cost, and reliable marker on the severity of Covid-19, and the possibility of using it as a warning indicator and a useful indicator in the follow-up of patients due to the scarcity of qualitative studies we have in this regard. The data of patientsseverly infected with the emerging corona virus who were admitted to the isolation departments at Al-Mowasat University Hospital in Damascus will be studied and collected from the date of approval of the research in September 2022 until September 2023, including: age, name, gender, smoking, medical history, drug history, vital signs, nasopharyngeal swab to detect the emerging corona virus, and laboratories, and then analyze these results using the SPSS-25 program and writing it in its final form after making the necessary modifications to it, along with the tables and diagrams shown thereto. The study sample consisted of 35 patients, where the average age was 70.2 years with a deviation of +/- 11.9, the percentage of males was 65.7%, the vitals of patients upon admission, the average value of systolic pressure was 133.2 mm Hg +/- 20.4, the diastolic pressure was 79 mm Hg +/- 12.1, Sao2 was79.7% +/- 8.3, heart rate was 92 +/- 26, while respiratory rate was 32 +/- 10, as all swabs conducted for patients were positive. And according to the uric acid analysis, the mean was 1.9 with a deviation of +/- 0.4 for all sample. Moving on to the inferential statistics, we have studied the relationship between the value of uric acid in each of the patients, where the P-value <0.05, and thus the existence of a statistical relationship between the value of uric acid and the critical general condition of the patient. By applying this study to the sample that was chosen, it was found that, it gave a relative picture of the existence of a statistical relationship between the decrease in the value of uric acid and the critical general condition of patients with COVID-19, and therefore the value of uric acid must be taken into consideration as a warning indicator for patients with corona.