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Abstract : In this study, common oral lesions were identified and examined from patients who visited the Oral medicine clinic in Sulaimani, 2021. Case sheet reports were collected from the Oral Medicine Clinic at the Diagnosis Department / College of Dentistry / Sulaimani University in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The cases were subdivided into two groups: intra- and extra-oral lesions. The intra-oral lesion was collected and studied specifically. Then data were analyzed by applying the techniques of statistics. In this study, 15 lesion types were observed; Minor aphthous ulcers were the most common lesion (17% of the cases), then Herpes labialis and Developmental geographic tongue (13%). Based on gender specification, most male patients had not definitely diagnosed lesions (Differentially diagnosed 19%), while most female patients had Mucocele, Pericoronitis, and Petechiae (2- 4 %). Results of this study demonstrate that Minor aphthous ulcers, Herpes labialis, dentures stomatitis were the most common lesions among our patients.