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Abstract : This study used a dose-response curve to examine the effects of a medium effect dose (MED50) of oat seeds on male albino mice's sperm and testosterone levels. The average dose per kilogram of body weight of extract was 25 mg. Twenty (20) male mice were divided equally into two groups: the control group (DW) and the treated group, which received a daily dose of extract at a concentration of (25 mg/kg b.wt.) for 40 days. The findings revealed a significantly higher level of sperm motility, concentration, viability, and testosterone hormone concentration (P <0.05). Male mice showed a significant (P<0.05) decrease in the proportion of aberrant sperm in the caudal epididymis when compared to the control group. As a result, we can use oat plant seeds to increase the fertility of all living things, including people and other animals.