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Abstract : Human resources are one of the most vital elements in an organization. Similar to companies as organizations require employees who can work better and faster, thus employees who have maximum performance are required. Many factors influence the employee’s performance such as decreased commitment and job satisfaction. These problems can be mitigated in several ways such as by applying and encouraging spirituality in the workplace in particular by a leader. Based on this, researchers are interested in assessing whether there is an influence of workplace spirituality and spiritual leadership on the performance and job satisfaction of PT Bumi Jasa Utama Makassar employees. This research used a cross-sectional study design and was conducted in November 2022 with a sample of 50 employees. Data analysis used Path Analysis to see the direct effect as well as the influence moderated by the moderating variable (job satisfaction). Path analysis results show that spirituality in the workplace (p=0.040) and spiritual leadership (p=0.030) have a relationship or influence on employee performance. Path analysis results also conclude that job satisfaction as a moderating variable is capable of moderating the influence of workplace spirituality and spiritual leadership on employee performance (p<0.05). Activities are needed that improve the quality of relations between employees and leaders to create a good spiritual state to maximize employee performance.