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Abstract : The background of this research is the problem of the non-optimal performance of nurses at RSHS Bandung. The indications that are the cause of this are several factors in organizational culture, compensation, and motivational variables that still need to be optimal. The purpose of this study was to analyze to obtain information regarding the influence of organizational culture and compensation on motivation and its impact on nurse performance. Respondent Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires to 152 nurses using a proportional random sampling technique. Data processing was performed using SPSS and analyzed using path analysis. The results of this study state that organizational culture and compensation have a significant effect on giving motivation both partially and simultaneously, with the coefficient of determination of organizational culture on giving motivation of 52.9% and compensation of 14.5% on giving motivation. In addition, providing motivation significantly affects nurse performance, with a coefficient of determination of 67.4%. Organizational Culture has a significant effect on giving motivation, Organizational culture and compensation significantly affect nurse motivation, organizational culture and compensation significantly affect giving motivation, and Giving motivation to nurses significantly affects nurse performance.