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Abstract : Bundo Kanduang will related interventions midwifery care with the continuity of care (CoC) then will provide promotive and persuasive information to women of reproductive age. In addition, the formation of regulations in the health sector, especially continuity of care midwifery services based on local wisdom in West Sumatra, pioneered by Bundo Kanduang. In this research, we aimed to study the effect of Bundo Kanduang Empowerment on the Level of Knowledge and Motivation of Women of Reproductive Age (WUS) in Midwifery continuity of care (CoC) care. This study used a pre-experimental type with a one group pre-test and post-test design. The method used is in the form of health education intervention activities using video media. The sample was determined using the Lameshow formula as many as 95 women of reproductive age. The research instrument is a questionnaire. The analysis used was the Willcoxon test with a significance level (CI = 95%) and an α value of 5% or 0.05. The results of the statistical test showed that the knowledge of Bundo Kanduang (p=0.024), the motivation of Bundo Kanduang (p=0.003), the actions of Bundo Kanduang (0.026), the knowledge of women reproductive age (0.000), the motivation of women reproductive age (0.000) and the actions of women reproductive age (0.000). Based on these results, it can be concluded that there is an influence of providing continuity of care health education using video media on knowledge, motivation, and actions of bundo kanduang as well as knowledge, motivation, and actions of women of reproductive age.