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Abstract : Families with children autistic child, often subjected to high level of distress due to caring for their children. This will affect the caregiver’s health outcomes both physically and mentally and addresses the family well-being. Assess the subjective psychological burden on caregivers of children with an autistic spectrum disorder, and determine the factors that impact this burden. Eighty-five caregivers of children with ASD from the outpatient clinic of Children Welfare Teaching hospital in the medical city, Ibn Rushd Training hospital, and Central Teaching hospital of Pediatric, were assessed by using Zarit Burden Interview scale for subjective burden and determined the relationship between the burden and factors related to the caregiver and child. Six months’ duration of the study, from the 1st of March to the 30th of August 2018. A significant relationship between the psychosocial burden and the following factors; caregiver’s age (P=0.044); marital status (P=0.001); socioeconomic status (SES) (P=0.008); child’s age (P=0.029), and severity of ASD (P=0.001). The caregiver of children with ASD suffers a high and statistically significant subjective burden related to caring for their children with the total value =75%.