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Abstract : The culture of drinking alcohol which is done by men and women in activities related to traditional events has grown into a habit for Maluku People. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of alcohol and non-alcohol consumption on women in Solea Village, East Taniwel District, West Seram Regency, Maluku Province. This is a quantitative study with an analytical study design and a cross sectional approach. A sample of 124 people was divided into 62 who consume alcohol and 62 who do not. In this study, the significant value on health impact and social impact was <0.001, while the economic impact was 0.250. So it can be concluded that there is difference in health impact and social impact on alcohol consumption habit and non-alcohol consumption, while on economic impacts it is concluded that there is no difference in economic impact on alcohol consumption habit and non-alcohol consumption. it is recommended for women in Solea Village to be more active in doing positive activities so that they can avoid alcohol and be more active in looking for information about the impact of consuming alcohol.