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Abstract : The sports field has become a civilized phenomenon in most countries of the world. sport games have become one of the important criteria to measure how much the countries are developed. Sports physiology has a great and effective role in the sports field. It is concerned with studying the physiology of internal organs and identifying the effects that occur to internal organs and tissues as a result of sports training. This paper tries to identify the functional indicators that lead to the development of the achievement level of 110 hurdlers players. At the same time, consider the functional indicators of player body (heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respiratory rate (that related to the effectiveness of 110 barriers. The target sample in this study was from Al-Qasim Club players from Iraq, the category of applicants for the season (2021-2022), and their number was (10) players. The statistical program SPSS was used to process the results. The statistical analysis showed that there is a significant relationship between some of functional indicators that used in this work and the achievement. The functional indicators that have a significant relationship with achievement were heart and respiratory rate. While as, the relationship between systolic blood pressure and the achievement was week. The final functional indicator was diastolic blood pressure showed there is no relationship between this indicator and the achievement. There is no doubt the regular exercise improves the level of functional indicators in player's body; thus, this will be reflected on the level of achievement.