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Abstract : Medical coding (MC) is the process of converting clinical terminologies and concepts into a list of codes, which may be alphanumeric or numeric, in order to provide well-written patient records and more accurate translation. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of an online course in increasing the knowledge of medical coding among medical graduates, and to assess their satisfaction towards online education. The study recruited fourteen recent medical graduates. The online course consisted of lectures, quizzes, and interactive activities. The study used a pre-test post-test design to assess the participants' knowledge of medical coding before and after the online course. Participants also completed a questionnaire to assess their satisfaction towards online education. The findings indicated that knowledge of participants about medical coding significantly improved after completing the online course (P=0.001). The results also showed that the majority of the participants (93%) found the online course to be effective for improving learning and all of them reported engagement and satisfaction. This study suggest that online courses can be an effective means of increasing knowledge about medical coding among medical graduates. The findings of this study are important for learners and tutors to improve and fine-tune future course offerings.