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Abstract : Following the healthcare and sanitation protocol has been widely used to prevent COVID-19 transmission. The research objective was to determine the effectiveness of WASH educational collaboration on farmers as an attempt to COVID-19 prevention. This study was an observational pre-experimental pretest-posttest design study without a control group. This research was carried out in March 2021, located in two districts with high COVID-19 positive cases, Johan Pahlawan and Meureubo Districts, West Aceh, Indonesia. A total of 37 farmers were recruited as the study participants. Data were analysed using logistic regression. The study result shows a significant influence between the collaboration of WASH education on farmers to prevent COVID-19. The statistical test was significant at a p-value <0.05. Collaboration on WASH education for farmers is very influential in preventing COVID-19. It is believed that cross-sectoral involvement and roles can be maintained so that COVID 19 prevention behaviours through WASH can continue to be applied. Educative collaboration of WASH impacts the alteration of the behaviour toward farmers who live in the area confirmed to be infected by COVID 19.