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Abstract : Mental changes experienced by the elderly include changes in personality, memory, and intelligence and behavior. Along with the increase in the number of elderly, the problems that often arise are cognitive and psychomotor problems. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of art therapy on changes in the behavior of the elderly with mental disorders. The method in this study is a pre-experimental study with a pre- and post-experimental design involving 57 elderly people who experience mental problems (stress, anxiety and fear and so on). This research instrument uses a questionnaire that describes behavior when performing art therapy. This research was conducted from January to May 2022 in the Medan Sunggal District area, Indonesia. The results of this study found that the significant test (2-tailed) was 0.013 (p<0.05) where there was a significant change (meaning). This data showed that art therapy in the behavior change of the elderly was successful. However, the art therapy was not related to each other. This was evidenced by the paired sample correlation value of 0.760 (p>0.05) which means that there is no relationship with each other. The discussion in this study is that psychogeriatric management will reduce the problem of mental disorders in the elderly. One of the efforts made is to perform art therapy in the elderly by fostering creative activities that are used as an alternative to healing mental problems such as worry, fear, stress and loneliness. This research can be used as a reference source as an alternative to healing or diverting feelings of displeasure/ feelings of anxiety or mental problems experienced by the elderly.