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Abstract : The World Health Organization (WHO) states that anemia is the 10 biggest health problem in this modern century, where groups at high risk of anemia are women of childbearing age, pregnant women, school-age children, and adolescents. This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of Multiple Micronutrient supplements (MMS) tablet administration on hemoglobin levels of pregnant women. This study used a quantitative research type with a quasi-experimental approach using a group pre-post test study design, mean/median analysis, and paired sample t-test analysis. The research was conducted for three months at the Lapadde Health Center and Lumpue Health Center in Pare-Pare City with a sample of 310 respondents. The inclusion criteria in this study were third-trimester pregnant women consuming MMS from the beginning of pregnancy, having initial Hb data, and having consumed MMS for at least 1 month. Check Hb using the Easy Touch tool. The incidence of anemia was measured based on hemoglobin levels using the Easy Touch tool, and data on characteristics and MMS supplementation were collected through a questionnaire that was filled in directly by the respondent and through the interview method. The results of the Chi-Square test showed that the consumption of MMS tablets was significantly associated with the incidence of anemia in pregnant women. (p<0.05) Pregnant women who experienced anemia did not regularly consume MMS every day as much as 26% and 79.6% liked to consume MMS tablets. There was a change in hemoglobin levels of pregnant women before consuming MMS and after consuming MMS, where The hemoglobin of pregnant women before consuming MMS was 12 g/dL ± 1.583 SD and after consuming MMS was 13.64 g/dL ± 2.047 SD with P ≤ 0.05. Further research is needed by adding other variables, in this case looking at consumption patterns of pregnant women and other factors related to hemoglobin levels of pregnant women and can be considered for conducting pure experiments.