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Abstract : Childhood epilepsy seems to be the most prevalent and long-lasting neurological disorder in children and it is associated with serious psychosocial issues, particularly when seizures occur at school, loss of school hours and possible effect of seizure itself on cognitive function. The aims of this study are to examine the effect of the Psycho-educational program on teachers’ beliefs and attitudes toward epilepsy in children. A quasi-experimental, descriptive study “self-controlled design” has been carried out at primary schools for teachers in Kirkuk City from the period 24th October 2020 to 30th May 2022. A non-probability “Purposive-Convenience sample” had been consisted of (80) primary schools teachers, (40) teachers for study group and (40) teachers for control group. Throughout the application of pre-test for both groups and post-test approach (post 1, and post- 2) and implementation of psycho-educational program only on (study group). The program and instruments are constructed and developed by the researcher to measure the purpose of the study. The majority of the studied group according to age group is between (40-49 years), most of studied sample was female, graduation from teachers preparing institution, most of studied subjects were married, having more than 16 years of experience as a school teacher, and most of studied subjects were from urban residency. All of them hadn't any participated previously in a training course about epilepsy. According to the study's findings, the most of primary school teachers hold negative attitudes and beliefs before implementation of the psycho-educational program; and significant improvements as a result of major changes in beliefs and attitudes levels after application of a psycho-educational program; with regard to post-test period, there was no significant relationship between teachers' beliefs and attitudes toward children with epilepsy and socio-demographic characteristics were chosen. The study recommends that psycho-educational program should be design on beliefs and attitudes for all teachers in governmental and non – governmental schools in Kirkuk governorate regarding epilepsy in children.