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Abstract : Marriage in Bali, which is predominantly Hindu, still adheres to the caste (wangsa) system. So that the marriage that can be called ideal by the Balinese people is a marriage with the same caste, and if a different caste marriage is still a polemic in Balinese society. Different caste marriages in Bali cause adjustment to the new environment in the husband's family. This case aims to show that there is a relationship between different caste marriages (nyerod) that occur in Balinese women and her psychological status. A 30 years old Balinese woman came with psychological problems after she was married with different caste. Based on in-depth psychiatric interviews, psychological and psychometric examinations, as well as dynamic psychotherapy approaches, it was found that she wanted to end her marriage but she was confused because she had married with a lower caste husband (nyerod) and felt that her family was not willing to accept herself back if she divorced. The need for premarital counselling is certainly crucial to explain to couples who are about to get married, especially those of different castes to know the consequences and adjustments that must be made if they are going to have a different caste marriage to prevent psychological disorder.