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Abstract : The positive effect of blood concentrates on the healing of soft and hard tissues in periodontal and peri-implant surgeries has been proven. The growth factors contained in blood concentrates are the source of these positive properties. Injectable platelet-rich fibrin (I-PRF) is one of the recent generations of these extracts and its clinical form helps to be added to soft tissue grafts. I-PRF releases growth factors during the healing of these grafts. Therefore, our study aimed to evaluate the healing of the recipient site following the application the connective tissue graft to augment the peri-implant soft tissues. The research sample included 20 sites that needed peri-implant soft tissue management. In the test group, I-PRF was added to the Tuberosity connective tissue graft before it was sutured at the recipient site, while in the control group, the Tuberosity connective tissue graft was used at the recipient site without additions. Wound healing was assessed at weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 to evaluate the ability of I-PRF to enhance the healing. Statistical tests were performed using SPSS v.22. The results showed that the soft tissue healing was similar in both groups with a minimum preference for the test group. The values of the significance level were greater than 0.05 when comparing the two groups in all observation periods, which means that the differences were not statistically significant. This study found that I-PRF enhances the healing of soft tissue wounds around implants when added to the connective tissue grafts. However, this result still needs more studies to be proven.