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Abstract : Work fatigue is one of the commonest issue in today's modern industrial world. It has various risk factors ranging from individual factors up until work environment. Not to mention technology developments which surely would affect the conditions of workers. Apron section, in an airport is one of the busiest place where many workers and many activities conducted simultaneously. This requires the workers stay healthy and fit. Fatigue will reduce the level of awareness and performance. Therefore it is substantial to conduct more research related to the risk factors of fatigue and their impact upon apron workers’ performance specifically at Makassar Airport. This study used a cross-sectional design and was conducted in November 2022 with samples of 122 apron workers. The data were analyzed using Path Analysis. This was to see direct and indirect effects through intervening variable (fatigue). The analysis results showed that age (p=0.034), nutritional status (p=0.029), working period (p=0.035), workload (p=0.040), noise (p=0.034) and hot working climate (p=0.040) had correlation or indirect effect on performance through fatigue the intervening variable (p <0.05). It was conclusive that nutritional status, workload, noise and hot working climate had a direct and indirect effect on performance through fatigue as the intervening variable.