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Abstract : Health Training Center is able to realize and increase the capacity of professional and competitive health human resource through training and development for quality and qualified health workers. Human Resource capacity building was carried out through human resource management process so that it improves the performance of Health Training Center employees. This study aimed to analyze the effect of planning, recruitment, compensation, employee relation on employee’s performance which conducted at Health Training Center of Maluku Province. The study design was qualitative descriptive. The sample in this study was 9 people which consisted of 3 key informants and 6 additional informants obtained using purposive sampling. Method of data collection in this study used interview method. The data that has been collected, then analyzed using the Miles and Huberman model. The results of this study indicate that Human Resource planning is carried out every year by analyzing employee needs, then submitted to the BKD of Maluku Province. BKD would conduct recruitment with qualifications based on the need. Compensation given to Health Training Center employees of Maluku Province is in accordance with a power of attorney issued by the leader. The s at Health Training Center of Maluku Province is very good, but there are still employees who are grouped, not harmonious, do not understand each other, communication is not really good. Based on the results above, it can be concluded that human resource management has an effect on the performance of employees of Health Training Center of Maluku Province in general.