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Abstract : Muscle pain is the most common ergonomic complication due to the use of trolleys. Trolleys with a hydraulic system can reduce complaints of muscle pain experienced by hospital laundry staff. The study aimed to add a hydraulic system to the hospital laundry trolley to reduce complaints of muscle pain and to add hand hygiene facilities in the form of hand drubs, and glove containers to avoid cross-infection when transporting linen. The study was quantitative with a cross-sectional approach. The 7 respondents involved in this study were determined by total sampling. Data were collected using the Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire before using the hydraulic system trolley and 1 month after using it. Data were analyzed using paired t-tests. The results showed that the use of a hydraulic system trolley was effective in reducing muscle pain in complaints of slight aches and pains (p<0.05) and less effective in complaints of very pain if the respondent had comorbid complaints of musculoskeletal disorders (p=0.38 where p>0.05). The Linen-Laundry Unit can use a hydraulic system trolley to reduce muscle pain in linen management which includes collecting dirty linen, transporting linen, and distributing clean linen.