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Abstract : The COVID-19 pandemic that is currently occurring is causing a mental health crisis not only in young adults but can occur in the elderly, limitations in terms of access and health care facilities, reduced contact with family or relatives, lack of social interaction has the potential to develop into psychological problems, not being impossible could further become a more serious mental issue. Ideally the elderly are more mature than other age groups in dealing with problems related to psychology, but in fact the overwhelming burden of psychological pressure can affect the mental of the elderly. The most difficult situation faced by the elderly since the pandemic occurred is the result of not having sufficient resources to handle the stress and psychological pressure they experience, here the role of medical personnel is to focus and be involved in the importance of a non-pharmacological approach that is more effective than just pharmacotherapy. in the management of mental emotional disorders related to this pandemic situation. Seriousness and assistance from various parties and related elements is needed. The roles of family, health workers, government, and the elderly as objects are obliged to work together to overcome mental and psychological burdens that arise.