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Abstract : Perception and learning strategies have become an urgent necessity to master the learning process and the industry of the academic sports teacher, in light of the emerging conditions of the educational process, especially in recent times between e-learning and blended education, which negatively affected students’ mastery of many skills of the basketball game, so the cognitive learning strategy, which It works to activate the mental processes of the learner, which represent the essence of learning in the mind. It is one of the effective strategies that service learning and development, including learning and developing basketball skills and upgrading them because they represent cognitive means that urge the learner (students) to employ mental processes during learning in the direction of optimal learning. Among the foregoing, the importance of the research lies in the contribution of the perception strategy to the development of the educational process of basketball subject in light of the negative reflection of the Corona pandemic on students’ learning of the skills of its performance and its law and the industry of the academic sports teacher at the best level of achievement.