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Abstract : Pharmaceutical materials are defined as chemical compounds used in the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of diseases, thus maintaining the physical and mental health of humans and animals alike. These pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics, pose a threat to humans and the environment at the present time, as their increased use led to an increase in their concentrations in wastewater, which led to the emergence of a new environmental problem. Due to the conversion of Corona disease into a pandemic suffered by the whole world, the use of antibiotics has increased significantly, including the drug azithromycin. For this reason, it is certain that azithromycin concentrations have increased dramatically in domestic or hospital wastewater, which must be treated with maximum efficiency, to maintain public health and safety on the one hand, and to avoid the occurrence of more serious complications on the other hand. The current review article highlights treatment methods for one of the most important types of antibiotics used in the last two years, which is azithromycin.