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Abstract : Overweight and obesity are medical conditions in which excess body fat, or adipose tissue, accumulates in the body to the extent that this fat accumulation can affect health, potentially reducing life expectancy. An individual can be defined as overweight if their BMI is 25-30 kg/m2, and obese if their BMI exceeds 30 kg/m2. However, the distribution of body fat especially in the mid-abdominal area has also been used to diagnose a patient as obese and currently waist circumference is believed to be a more accurate marker of obesity. Aerobic exercise is indispensable in the management of obesity, not just weight and fat loss, weight maintenance and fat reduction, and physical fitness in obesity. To find out whether aerobic exercise has an effect on changes in abdominal fat, arm fat and abdominal circumference of overweight and obese students. This study is a quasi-experimental study with pre and post test one group design with two measurements, before treatment after treatment. A total of 40 samples were recruited to participate in this study with predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria. Aerobic exercise was given 2 times a week for 6 weeks. Belly fat and arm fat with a skinfold caliper and body composition monitor and belly circumference with a roll meter. Abdominal fat, arm fat and abdominal circumference decreased after giving aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is effective in reducing belly fat, arm fat and abdominal circumference of overweight and obese students.