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Abstract : The current study aims to determine the main cause of severe respiratory infections (SARI) for Iraqi patients hospitalized in Baghdad hospitals. A total of (249) people who had diagnosis case of severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) and a high temperature. Nasophrangial swab samples were collected from each participant by specific swabs from Sigma Virocult Company in the UK with viral transport medium according to Bradford and Slavin (1940), and stored frozen at -70°C until used for RNA extraction and polymerase chain reaction to detect human influenza and SARS-CoV-2 among others. All samples were tested in the Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) at National Influenza Center (NIC), during the period of study. For total SARI patients in current study, When Out of 249 investigated records of patients, 13 (5.2%; 95% CI: 2.4 – 8.0) found to had a positve influnza A (H3N2) results. Wherase, 65 (26.1%; 95% CI: 20.9 – 31.7) found to had a positve positve PCR result. On the other hand, zero perecent out of 249 investigated templates identifed to have a influnza B positive results. Through the current study, we conclude that most cases of severe respiratory infection in Iraq are cause by COVID-19.