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Abstract : The article presents the factors that affect the mental health of people caring for patients with dementia. Under conditions, the examination was carried out in compliance with the principles of medical ethics and deontology, according to the Helsinki Declaration of the Medical Association. The study included 46 caregivers and 46 patients with dementia CB "Regional institution for the provision of psychiatric care PRC". The examination was carried out using psychometric scales: the Brief Mental Status Assessment Scale for assessing the severity of dementia, the MFI-20 subjective asthenia rating scale, the social adaptation self-assessment scale - SASS, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, the Caregiver burden scale, the questionnaire PSM-25 to determine the level of psychological stress The obtained data were subjected to statistical analysis using the program IBM SPSS Statistics 26.0. The study identified factors that affect the mental health of caregivers, of which the most significant were: the degree of dementia in the patient, the duration of care and the employment of caregivers. The results of the study make it possible to conclude that people with a low level of mental tension had a higher level of social adaptation, and manifestations of asthenia, anxiety and depression were less common. The data obtained should be taken into account when conducting psychotherapeutic and psychocorrective activities for caregivers of patients with dementia to reduce the level of depression, anxiety and the burden of care.