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Abstract : A chemical hazard is an occupational risk brought on by exposure to chemicals at work. Long-term or short-term health effects could result from chemical exposure at work. The study attempts to assess exposed workers to chemical hazards in the workplace. A worker-based cross-sectional study was conducted among ten large-scale factories. The factories have over 900-line workers. 300 of them were selected by using Epi Info™ software. The right number of employees per factory was determined using a proportionate method, and then the employees were selected on purpose. The workers were interviewed using a developed questionnaire. The study observed that out of 300 participating workers in 10 industries, 116 were exposed to chemical hazards, accounting for slightly more than half, representing 50.9%. It is necessary to awareness raising among industry workers regarding chemical substance and their health hazards in addition, at the national and workplace levels, a preventative safety and health culture should be formed, with different stakeholders involved at all levels.