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Abstract : The main objectives of this research are to identify those managerially actionable factors and to fill the literature gap, specifically by investigating the effect of website quality on customer relationship length, depth and breadth. This study is to explore the effect of supplier environment and market orientation on customer relationship performance of distribution logistic companies in Jakarta, Indonesia. The approach referred to in this study is a quantitative approach with a questionnaire or questionnaire as the main instrument in collecting datasets. The population in this study is a distribution logistics company that provides goods delivery services to retailers in Jakarta as many as 276 companies. From the total population, samples were taken by proportional random sampling so as to obtain as many as 160 samples of companies. The supplier environment has a moderate positive influence on market orientation. Performance of customer relationship in logistics Distribution Company in Jakarta is significantly influenced by market orientation and supplier environment. The biggest direct influence is the direct influence of market orientation, and is followed by the supplier environment. Market orientation can be a mediating or intervening variable for the environment on marketing performance. The nature of this mediation is partial mediation.