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Abstract : Repeated renal passages infection unresponsive to traditional therapy became a serious medical problem, especially when E. coli microorganism is blamed. Amoxicillin is a cell wall biosynthesis retarder used as the first safest choice for treating E. coli-induced renal infection. Unfortunately, its use became limited due to the emergence of resistance. Cranberry is a natural product substance used widely in medicine, especially as a renal disinfectant agent. To demonstrate whether cranberry exhibit an additive effect to reduce resistance against amoxicillin in renal infection caused by E. coli or not. 153 females between 32-37 years old were selected randomly; they were confirmed to get UTI with E. coli by culturing method. They were divided into 2 groups; group 1(n=81) received amoxicillin only for 10 days, and group (2) involved the remainders who received amoxicillin with cranberry for 10 days. Both groups left 7 days after treatment without antibiotic therapy then another general urine test was done to calculate the rate of response to proposed drugs. It has been clarified that a true reduction in the number of resistant UTI when cranberry was used with amoxicillin as compared to amoxicillin- the only treated group is present. Using an herbal extracted substance, i.e., cranberry, has a very effective role in reducing resistance to the safely used antibiotic (amoxicillin) in repeated UTI.