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Abstract : Maximum service quality and patient safety in hospitals have become global issues today. The government through the Ministry of Health is responsible for public health, where this is in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution article 28 H, it is stated that everyone has the right to health services, gets facilities and special treatment to get the same opportunities and benefits, is entitled to health services. social security that allows his full self-development as a dignified human being. Talking about health services in hospitals, it certainly cannot be separated from the issue of Quality and Patient Safety. There are external and internal factors that trigger Patient Safety Incidents in hospitals. Problems Why Patient Safety Incidents still occur in hospitals, b. How is the regulation of hospital classification for quality and patient safety at this time and c. How to strengthen hospital classification regulations for fair quality and patient safety. The research method uses an empirical juridical approach (sociological juridical), analyzed qualitatively, with a constructivism paradigm, emphasizing the regulation of hospital classification on service quality and patient safety in hospitals. The results of this study indicate that patient safety incidents still occur in hospitals caused by internal factors (hospital HR competencies) and external factors in the form of: the nature of work, organizational and management environmental factors as well as physical and workplace environmental factors including various regulations related to with patient safety, one of which is the regulation on hospital classification. The current hospital classification regulation still has many weaknesses, where the hospital classification requirements contained in the attachment to the hospital classification regulation which are an integral part of the regulation are very loose which has the potential to decrease the quality of services and the occurrence of patient safety incidents in hospitals. The strengthening of hospital classification regulations is required in the attachment of Government Regulation No. 47 of 2021 on the requirements that must exist in the competency standards of outpatient services, both specialist outpatients for all hospital classes and subspecialty for class A and B hospitals, inpatient services for all hospital class, competency standards for human resources for specialist medical personnel for all hospital classes and sub-specialists for class A and B hospitals as well as other health workers for all hospital classes as well as competency standards for infrastructure, especially for the availability of HCU (High Care Unit) rooms.), medical rehabilitation and morgue for all hospital classes. Recommendations for the government as policy makers should be in drafting a regulation that must be in harmony between its contents and attachments. Hospital owners should continue to prioritize service quality and patient safety in providing their services. The community also plays an active role in voicing the quality of service and patient safety in hospitals.