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Abstract : Male factor in infertility is often due to sperm abnormalities, such as an inadequate number (oligozoospermia), disturbed motility (asthenozoospermia), defective morphology (teratozoospermia), or oligoastenoteratozoospermia (OAT), and also in conditions of normozoospermia. Furthermore, it is necessary to determine predictors that can explain other abnormalities, such as sperm DNA fragmentation (DFI) and chromatin maturation (CM). Therefore, this study aims to compare the DFI and CM between oligo, astheno, teratosoospermia, and OAT in infertile men. Sperm samples of infertile patients were collected consecutively at Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia. Analysis was carried out based on WHO recommendation, while DNA DFI and CM were assayed with the sperm chromatin dispersion and Sperfumc kits, respectively. The result showed significant differences in DFI between the groups, as indicated by p<0.05. Specific significance was found in the comparison of DFI in OAT versus fertile normozoospermia, as indicated by p<0.05. Each group’s CM ratio was insignificant (p>0.05), and there was no correlation between DFI and CM. In conclusion, sperm DFI is a more accurace predictor of sperm quality abnormality than other analytic parameter, particularly in oligoasthenoteratozoospermia. Additionally, sperm chromatin maturation does not predict sperm quality disorder.